EVISTR L53 Recording Function: VOR , TRACK ON, Sectional Recording

EVISTR L53 Recording Function


In this article, we will help you notice the difference recording function of EVISTR L53

It has 3 different recording function, VOR (voice activated recording), Track On , Sectional Recording


SECONTIONAL RECORDING:  you could set for 30 minutes, or max 2 hours, which means, when the recordings meet the setting time, it will auto saving the file,and start a new recording.
TRACK ON: press recording, it recording only when speaking; and if within 5 seconds, no any voice detected it, it will saving file, and start a new recording
when this function opened, it may create may recordings only around 1 seconds
AVR (VOX or VOR): it recording only when speaking; if no voice detected pause the recording, and resume when speaking detected again.
EVISTR L53 voice recorder, with a lot advanced function, helps you recording better, recording clear, catch all your important points, and recall on your voice recorder